Artificial Light vs. Candles

Reading Bjorn Lomborg’s “Cool It”, I learned some facts regarding candles that made me feel like a jerk for ever using them.

-Candles are between ten and a thousand times less efficient than artificial lights. This is compared to a cheap, regular light bulb. Imagine how it would compare to energy saving bulbs!
-Candles create massive amounts of air pollution. Some even contain/release unhealthy levels of lead!
-Candles can raise indoor air pollution levels ten to one hundred times more than outdoor air pollution.

So, when people thought they were being somehow ‘economic’ by using candles for light rather than electric lights, did they even bother looking up the facts?  This connects to our group discussion, in which society’s ignorance is one of the main problems regarding sustainability. If people would just take the time to research what they do and how they affect the big picture, perhaps we could reduce our impact on the Earth.

-Michelle Williamson


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    cody7010 said,

    This was very insightful, i had no idea using candles created so much pollution to our air. I always felt that if you turn off the lights and just light a candle it would be well worth it in the long run, but like you stated much of our society is ignorant. If people would just take the energy it takes to make those candles and put it to something more efficient it could become very beneficial to us.

    ~Cody Males

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