Article of clothing made out of recycled plastic bottles?

Companies in America are making articles of clothing out of our used plastic bottles.  The bottles go through a cleaning process, then from there they get chopped up into small pieces, and then are turned into polyester.  Patagonia is a sporting good company that uses the recycled polyester in their clothing.  The clothing that was mad eout of the polyester can also be recycled as well.  This is just one step of cutting down our plastic waste in the world.


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    shermanj said,

    Can you give us a link to the Patagonia website or an article that talks about this? Without one, how do I know you aren’t making this all up? 😉

  2. 2

    samgressett said,

    Wow this is a really cool company. The only problem i have is why am i paying $ 250 dollars for a jacket made out of recycled water bottles? I think in order to get people to start buying from these “green” companies, they need to make there prices more competitive. I don’t think people will start living sustainable, until there is a cost benefit for doing so.
    Sam G.

  3. 3

    jeffg187 said,

    I think this would be a really good idea and it could be an alternative use to our bottle use. However wouldn’t it be more sustainable to try and recycle the bottles? Then we would not need to make more bottles out of scratch. also wouldn’t take the cloths a long time to decompose in land fills once you throw them away?

    Jeff Grimberg

  4. 4

    AaronSun said,

    The clothes that were made out of the recycled bottles can also be recycled.

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