Sustainable Race Car?

I read an interesting article about a sustainable race car that runs on chocolate.  It is the first of it’s kind, and so far it has been reported successful.  The car is made up of items like woven flax and carrot pulp for the steering wheel.  It runs on chocolate and animal fats and is lubricated with plant oils.  The Formula 3 team is hoping to prove that sustainable high performance cars can preform just as well as a regular competitive car.  My question is; can racing cars ever be a sustainable sport?  Are these alternative ways of thinking actually making a difference in the world, or does it need to be more extreme to make a difference?

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    AnneMarie said,

    I would be interested in learning more about this. I think if we can target people more on the mainstream level, then it really would open people’s eyes about what green is all about. Once an idea is put forth, it causes people to think. It’s easy to spread the message across to people who think the same way…what’s really hard is to appeal to people who don’t think the same way, or don’t think at all. May be this hip sports car will do just that since people in the racing industry are proud to know everything about the sport. Now if we can get other sports involved…

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