Styrofoam is Not Your Friend

Recent studies show that Styrofoam products make up 30 % of our landfills today. Not only is the use of this resource cruel to the environment, but also poses a hazardous threat to us as human beings. This product is often used in to-go box materials in numerous eating facilities around the world. When one heats up their leftovers in this perilous container, toxins are realized from the Styrofoam and into your food. Aside from the life altering risks, these products are petroleum based and are non-biodegradable and unsustainable, not only hurting us, but our mother earth as well. One Styrofoam cup can take up to 500 years to break down, and we don’t have that kind of time. So take a stand, and join the ban of Styrofoam. IT IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.

-Hannah L


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  1. 1

    shermanj said,

    Have any cities or colleges “taken the stand” and banned styrofoam? And, if we were to ban it, what are other, more environmentally friendly, alternatives to styrofoam?

  2. 2

    melissa9 said,

    Instead of using styrofoam to go boxes, paper to go boxes could be used. I know that Providence Hostpital uses paper to go boxes in the dining hall. And paper can break down, and can be recycled as well.
    Maybe paper is the way to go

    Melissa L.

  3. 3

    nevin2 said,

    Wow! I find it hard to believe that styrofoam actually amasses 30 percent of landfills but if that is what recent studies have shown then it must be. If not cut down for the reduced environmental effects then at least cut down for our own good since that is what everyone is so wrapped around.

    Nevin Lewis

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