I was born in Southern California. We had to move after two years cause of the pollution. Smog would come into Corona and sit there for about a month at time. My brother instantly started having asthma attacks that were hospitalizing him, and nearly killing him. This I remind was eighteen years ago. I read an article that stated around twenty million people a year have asthma attacks and over 9,000 kids die in the United States a year from asthma attacks. I spent two months last year working around L.A and the pollution is obvious. Looking into the sky, you see a brown haze that covers a pretty substantial amount of the sky. I would wake up and it would be dewy outside. Then I would look at my car and it would literally be brown. How long before Oregon is like that? The rest of the world? Its pretty sad and scary to think about. Do you think that factories can stand and that Jensen’s out of his mind?

 -Alex Wallaert


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    AnneMarie said,

    I think that modifications of factories are necessary. Or if we could do anything at all to reduce the emissions of factories. We are also talking about cars here. LA has a dense population with poor public transportation offered and walking in LA is nuts! Everybody drives except for me who got hit by a car a couple times on my bike, the last time destroying my bike. But I was unscathed each time besides the huge planet that formed on my outside left thigh. Any way, back to the point, whatever solutions they can come up with to create less emissions in LA is a must. Let’s hope that we don’t have to do away with factories and cars unless there are no other solutions. LA is also unique because of the smog, you can actually enjoy a double sunset!

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