Fish Detect Contamination in Water

Lately a system has been developed where fish are used to determine if the water is contaminated in any way. They’ve detected two farm spills already proving that it is an effective and logical way to detect contamination. It is even said if there were to be a terrorist attack through contamination of our water supplies that these fish are able to detect it. Also this system doesn’t affect the bluegill in a negative way because they are sedentary and they can survive weeks without food. That got me thinking are there any other natural resources that we could use to further improve or sustain our environment. Maybe by being aware of our natural surroundings we may be able to make a difference not just in the water but for our whole environment.

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    AnneMarie said,

    Awareness is the first step to every problem solving. Without awareness, people would go around doing as they please which some of them do. Luckily the one’s that are aware are working on solutions for a sustainable future. We can also spread awareness through conversations, through protests, through ad campaigns, whatever your preferred median might be. Certain messages can be infectious but the trick is to find the right one. I hope that we can all do our best to limit the resources being used while other natural resources are being sought.

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