Downloading Music More Sustainable?

Here is an article I think is interesting about sustainability and the music business.  In general it makes me think of the consumer ignorance issue. Most people never think about where the products we buy and the food we eat actually come from and what it costs the environment. The article also made me think about how many factors influence whether or not one way of doing something is more sustainable than another, a lot times  in the end both ways of doing things are destructive.

Kirk Fatland

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    ericanickerson said,

    This is an interesting article, but I wonder if a short drive to the music store actually makes a difference in the world’s carbon dioxide levels. It seems like a very mediocre threat to be worried about. We should be focusing on the bigger picture. I am curious however, since the majority of my music was bought as a used CD, how buying used CDs would factor into this study.

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    katiep91 said,

    Intriguing article. If one were to be truly sustainable they might consider actually walking to a record store and picking up a cd. This way you are not adding to your carbon footprint. Personally, I like to download music through iTunes and had not considered which way of purchasing music is more sustainable. Thanks.

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    roxybarton said,

    That’s quite interesting and the chart that shows the carbon output is awesome. I never thought about how downloading music via internet reduces waste. On the other hand, CDs are actually much higher quality (my dad and I own 2 external hard drives for our music, and we have a lot of it). Plus having a hard copy is always good. What if your computer gets a virus and wipes out everything you have on there? That’s a lot of money’s worth of music to lose!

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