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    shermanj said,

    So, since you decided to categorize this under civic engagement and solutions and you highlighted a very real problem, I am curious as to what, exactly, you (and others) would pose as a solution. Is it simply an issue of access, or are there other variables at play?

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      shotahioki said,

      I don’t think that it is possible to have everyone get on with recycling, primarily because there is too much variance in our lives. Today, people who make millions and drive hummers live across the street from others who ask every person for a few change for a meal a day. There are people who search for a covered place to sleep for the night and people who go through landfills looking for possibly valuable scraps of metal to sell. We need to take into context that for some recycling is a daily habit, but for others that it is not a priority in living everyday.

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    Eric Gietzen said,

    I think access is a big part of it. Without the easy access, people make excuses for why they didn’t recycle “this time around” or why they don’t recycle at all. But, I do definitely think there are other variables at work here.


    If you follow this link, they explain that family size, age, shopping behaviors and income are all variables as to whether a family recycles or not. They do also state, that the availability of curbside recycling increases the amount of recycling.

    So, what do I plan to do? Take this information to the garbage companies. Largest Garbage and Waste Management for example, and see if they can be persuaded to make that option as a part of their route. I know the idea needs some work, so, any suggestions would be great 🙂

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