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    Matthew K. said,

    As our quest for sustainability continues and over takes our life styles do you think business and industry will take advantage of our willingness to purchase “green” items (in order to minimize our carbon footprint) as selfish gains for profit?

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      shermanj said,


      Are you able to create your own post, or simply put up a comment in response to an already created post? Also, with your question, can you give an example to highlight what it is you are getting at.

      – Jacob

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        Matthew K. said,

        I’m not sure… I think I only have the ability to put up a comment in response. I could be wrong though, I’m not very savvy with this sort of thing.

        And to clarify my question:

        An example would be how products contain labels and statements that proclaim they are ‘green’ for the environment. I’m wondering if you think private businesses will use that as a selling point, even if their claims are not 100% legitimate.

        Is that more clear? I’m having difficulty putting my thoughts down on paper.

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    jonathanKIM said,

    We need to do something about all of this waste in the world including the waste created by consumption of goods on our part. We’re creating more waste than ideas and solutions to get rid of that waste.

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    Rachel F. said,

    I think that private businesses can say that their products are ‘green’ even if they aren’t. A lot of people are trying to do the right thing and buy only ‘green’ products, but very few of them actually research what it is that they’re buying. But it would also be hard to get away with…

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      NickCharbonnier said,

      That’s a good point. It just goes to show that companies are only concerned about the money because saying that their products are green will definitly draw people closer. But at the same time, with more traffic of people with products, I would think that a corporate company would catch on to this flow of people and money and actually start making green products to guarantee satisfaction. In that case, it would be hitting two birds with one stone: the company makes more money, and the World becomes a better place.

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    roxybarton said,

    I do agree that businesses and marketers are targeting the “green” demographic more and more. For example, the invention of semi-electrical cars, ie. the Toyota Prius. This car is targeted toward 1) people who are willing to invest in a more fuel efficient car so they save money on gas and 2) people who drive the car because they care about how many gallons of carbon emissions they put into the atmosphere. Sure, the Prius sounds like a great option but is it really sustainable? I was online car shopping not too long ago and found a 2006 Prius that was only $5000. Why was it so cheap? It was because the car needed a battery replacement, and those juice boxes cost around $5300! Not to mention the chunks of nickel that is the battery doesn’t sound too healthy for the environment either.

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    NickCharbonnier said,

    I believe that people need to do a lot less promoting and a lot more doing. Since people are promoting “Going Green” all over the place now-a-days, it seems like it’s not the normal thing to do. Since people are so used to just going about their busy lives, no one has time any more to stop and ‘think green’. I think that if companies and people in general just began to change their lifestyles all together, then it would eventually catch on. It might not happen this year or the next, but eventually people would just know, “You don’t throw a bottle in the garbage.” “You don’t just toss your shoes”, etc. It would be almost a sinful thing to do. I think that our goal as a world and/or nation should be to literally brainwash the public into knowing exactly what they have to do in order to sustain this decaying planet. We need to not encourage, or promote, but rather START habitual change. The change cannot just come to a point and stop, either. It needs to be exponential. Once we solve crime, do we just stop there? No. We continue to make it safer. Once we reach a point where everyone is on the same page, then we need to keep pressing on. The only problem is that it’s only on the brink of destruction that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve, and once we make it there, then it’ll be a race against time.

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    Mitch Gaulke said,

    Art and Culture
    If anyone is interested in watching a film that can truly change the way you look at something, I recommend seeing the movie FLOW. It is a documentary that shows us about how the world is using its fresh water. It alone changed the way the way of how I look at water and just how important and scarce it is becoming.

    Here is the website to the film

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